Nurture & Renew Workshop

Nurture & Renew Workshop

Join me July 8th, from 1 – 4, to welcome summer with Nurture & Renew – a yoga workshop to inspire your creative spirit!


Held at Jade Fitness, Nurture & Renew is a dynamic workshop that blends yoga, meditation, and life coaching techniques to nurture and inspire your unique creative spirit.


As part of the Nurture & Renew workshop community, you will:

  • Expand your notion of what is possible
  • Celebrate what gives you joy
  • Affirm what brings you peace
  • Discover the power of intention
  • Commit to creating a pathway forward, aligned with your unique creative spirit


Nurtured by the self-care practices of yoga and meditation, we will create a supportive and inspiring community. We will see our creative visions realized and our commitment to wellbeing renewed. Come and be a part of this transformative workshop.


Cost: $35

Location and to sign up: Contact Jade Fitness